jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

First meeting: Scheduling

On monday me, my classmates and my teacher had a meeting where we talked about the project we are making for this class. We also planned how we are going to divide the work for the next two weeks.
What we want to do is to make a cluster in order to work in parallel with different computers.
We all agreed to work on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits and to create the same username and password (Sorry, I'm not writing them here...). The password creation took a while because we wanted a safe password that is not easily hacked.
When we finished thinking about the basic requirements for the cluster we thought about the tools and the languages we were going to use:
pyMPI and OOMPI.

After that we made a calendar with the activities we are going to make in order to finish our project. Here is the calendar:

As we can observe, first we are going to work in the configuration and installation of the tools we need to make the cluster work. Then we are going to actually work in the cluster and VPN. When we finish, we are going to run some tests to prove if it really works.

I'm going to write a report about each one of the next meetings we are having.

I added this report to the wiki:


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  1. Bien. Van 5 para la clase y 5 para el lab; ya tenías +2 por lo de la lista de palabras.