lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Contribution of the week (week 12)

During this week I included in the wiki information about Parallel programming on xbox 360.

We can use this applications for Cardiac Research, I also added some information about how this can be done. 

The Xbox 360 system has a single chip (with 165 million transistors) for its CPU. This chip is in fact a three-way symmetric multiprocessor design.

With the help of this chip, one can model how electrical excitations in the heart move around damaged cardiac cells. This could be useful to investigate or even predict cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal electrical activity in the heart which can lead to a heart attack).


Cecy: Parallel computing in chemistry

Carmen: Open source high-throughput software for distributed parallelization of computationally intensive tasks.

Alex V: Calls in CUDA Kernel

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