jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012


CUDA is a programming model and parallel computing platform invented by NVIDIA. It works increasing the power of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and it can help increase dramatically the performance of the computer or device where it is installed. It is useful in simulation models, it helps them to be more realistic and exact. Because it is useful in simulation models it can help to reduce the cost of an important project. It has a lot of uses, here I'm going to describe some of them:

1. Blood flow simulation and identification of hidden plaque in arteries
2. Reduction of analysis time of air traffic flow
3. Visualization and large performance boost of nanoscale molecular dynamics (NAMD)
4. Image Analysis and Video Forensics
5. Matlab GPU computing

Almost every major consumer video application has been accelerated by CUDA (Applications such as products from Adobe, Sony, MotionDSP, etc)

It has also been helpful in scientific research because it can accelerate molecules from a simulation program and it can help in new discoveries. It is used by many reserchers, doctors and pharmaceutics over the world.
It is also useful in the financial market, with applications such as Numerix and CompatiblL. It is used in many financial institutions.
 Because of CUDA there are now a large amount of GPU clusters installed around the world, and many different companies are using it.
GPU computing is fully supported by all major operating systems.

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