jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Contributions of the week (week 2)

During this week I made some posts about the installation of the Hamachi application for those users having mac:

Why hamachi?
Hamachi is a tool that can help us to simulate a Local Area Network (LAN). It lets you securely extend LAN-like networks to distributed teams and workers, therefore, it may be useful because it can help us to work in teams without necessarily being on the same place.

Here is a link to the wiki where I added the information

And here are the contributions I made for the wiki:

I also helped with the translation of some things in this page related to cuda and hamachi.

Because there are a lot of students that have a mac computer, I considered important for them to know how to install it.

Nominations of the week:

Juan Carlos (Because he added the principal information of hamachi to the wiki)
Cecilia (Because she made a program that created recursive threads and that simulated the infection of a virus)


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  1. Van 5 para la clase. Asegúrate que el contenido de la entrada sobre hamachi esté en el Wiki.